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Rémy Producers Trilogy / What’s the Hype About?

14 Jun 2019

What could the co-sign mean for you?

The co-sign is a seal of approval given to a lesser-known artist by an established artist. This artist shows they are willing to share their audience and success, and stake an important claim of their reputation onto another person.
This gives the up-and-coming artist a chance to take their career to the next level.

Producers/Directors, we see you

Producers are the heart and soul of the music industry. A producer’s role can include managing the sound recording, mixing the tracks, creating the beats, leading studio sessions, communicating with and coaching performers, and overseeing the recording of the entire project.

While producers are the heart and soul, directors are the eyes of the industry. A director’s role is to create a visual storyboard that the audience can follow while listening to the work of the artiste and the producer. Without them, many stories will be left untold.

Rémy Martin, with the help of Sarz, Clarence Peters and Phyno are offering two of these unrecognized talents the chance to be mentored and a chance to break into the music industry.

How to get involved

To win, aspiring creators in Nigeria can upload their best beat/video here



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